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URATA’s International Business

Our business purpose in Cambodia

Utilizing the construction and real estate development technology we have cultivated in Japan for over 40 years, we are creating products and services and developing human resources overseas. Doing so, we will contribute to solving overseas construction and real estate problems and achieve global innovation.

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URATA’s Project in Cambodia

Our mission is to realize Cambodia's national development by the people of Cambodia. With the aim that Japan and Cambodia can develop together, we started our local business in March 2015. URATA believes that this country's noble history and civilization and the DNA of the ancestors who built such as Angkor Wat are still present in today's generation.

We are determined to work hand in hand with the Cambodian people in the field of "development and construction," bringing Japan technology and know-how to promote various educational investments and cultural activities; by deepening mutual understanding, we hope to build a lasting friendship with the people of Cambodia.

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We aim to realize Cambodia's national development by the people of Cambodia by training and disseminating advanced construction engineers with Japanese construction technology.        


・To create buildings that protect people's lives and properties with Japanese construction technology.

・To develop functional and organic urban and construction development.

・To create a system for the permanent development of Cambodia by fostering highly skilled construction engineers.

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2013 Sep. Started to study the business of training engineers overseas

2015 Mar. Establishment of URATA S.E (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD.

2015 Jun. Opening ceremony held at URATA S.E (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD.

2015 Jul.  Formwork training begins (instructor dispatched from Japan)
2016 Jan. Three first-term students start training in Japan
2016 Jun. URATA’s construction manager was transferred to URATA S.E (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD.
2016 Sep. Establishment of U.Y UNITED CO. LTD.
2016 Oct. Purchased land for the Japan Trade Center Phnom Penh (JTCPP) project
2017 Nov. QIP application for JTCPP project approved
2017 Nov. Establishment of WTCPP MANAGEMENT CO., LTD.
2018 Feb. Obtained construction permit for the JTCPP project
2018 Feb. Held groundbreaking ceremony for the JTCPP project
2018 Oct. Started construction of the JTCPP project
2022 Jan. The branch office opened in the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning, and

      Construction of the Kingdom of Cambodia

2022 Feb. URATA S.E (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. changed its name to URATA (CAMBODIA) CO. LTD.

       Capital increase for URATA (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD.

2022 Jun. Licensed as a construction certifier
2022 Aug. Started a construction certifier business

Our CSR Activities in Cambodia

2015 Jul. Participated in CJCC's TANABATA Festival as a main sponsor *5 times in total

2015 Oct. Sponsored the Bon Odori Festival of the Japanese Association of Japan *5 times in total

2016 Jan. Established a Japanese language course for children in an orphanage – from May

2016 Feb. Sponsored a business contest sponsored by CIESF *3 times in total
2019 Feb. Became an annual sponsor of CJCC and participated in KIZUNA Festival
2020 Oct. Sponsorship of Cambodian JCI`s relief activities for flood victims in Cambodia

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